Vietnam-UK Network: The Political Landscape; Exploring outcomes from the 13th Party Congress and the shape of Vietnam’s leadership over the next five years.

The Vietnam-UK Network welcomed over 70 delegates to a virtual event on 8th March 2021. Paul Smith, Vice Chairman opened the VUKN event by welcoming HE Ambassador for the UK, Gareth Ward in Hanoi, Nguyen Khac Giang, an analyst on Vietnamese affairs based in New Zealand, and Heather Wheeler MP, the UK Prime Ministers Trade Envoy to Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.
Ambassador Ward set the scene outlining the history of the Party Congress and introducing Nguyen Khac Giang. He was formally Head of Economic Affairs of the political research unit, based Vietnam Institute for Economic and Policy Research, Giang is a writer for many Vietnamese and international news outlets and is currently based in New Zealand.
Giang gave a detailed and balanced presentation of the new government leadership structure, high lighting a number of dynamics and changes of emphasis, that the new structure will bring over the next five years. Ambassador Ward followed giving an update on the high level of activity after the FTA was concluded and high lighted Renewables and healthcare technology as being two key areas of positive activity. He thanked Vietnam for the direct help in influencing British application for membership of the Transpacific trade bloc (CPTTP).
Heather Wheeler MP gave delegates an update on trade and relationships with Vietnam encouraging business to look at Vietnam as a key market. There followed a very lively Q&A session after which Warwick Morris, Chairman VUKN summed up the outcomes of the event, thanked the speakers and organisers, announcing the next event to cover the Education Sector.